Brand Identity

Brand Identity

lineConstruction – Brand Design

Your brand identity summarizes the personality of your company and should reflect how you want the product or service you are perceived by users. When a client or customer clicks on your site, they see the visual cues that tell them that they’re in any position? Are the keywords and company logo visible? Your design will peak their curiosity about the product or your service? We create visual cues that tell the user that they are in the right place and search for suitable products. Are you ready to send your brand to us?

ideaspage nhan dien thuong hieuve tay



  • cards
  • Large envelopes, small
  • Template email
  • Text A4 letter
  • Fax A4
  • Clipboard
  • Covers, CD labels, DVD
  • Website Design
  • logo
  • Photos, flash ad on website


  • Packaging Labels
  • Box and container products
  • Poster – banners product introduction
  • Design product brochure
  • Profile Design
  • Design catalog
  • Template for brochure
  • Website Design
  • logo
  • Photos, flash ad on website products services

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Why Sense Media?

kinh nghiem thiet ke thietBrand experience design

  • Has designed for many brands
  • Design experience in many fields

 EXCELLENTEnsure customer satisfaction

  • Ensure products are of high quality design
  • Ensure completion on time
  • Make sure to comply with commitments

IDEA totDeep understanding of brand identity

  • Depth knowledge about the brand
  • Depth knowledge of design
  • The process of creating standards

imagesAttentive service support

  • Dedicated consultants
  • Online media support, chat, email
  • Feedback accurate, fast
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Picasa
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo