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Business Card – the shortest way to attract attention to your customers

Many people say that the Business Card provides the first impression for them. And as a real design, you can absolutely create the first impression.

There are a number of employers to measure and assess the creativity of a designer through the Business Card designer of that. So how to design Business Card is a unique and attractive?

Here are some tips and inspiration that you can use when designing their Business Card or customers.

  •  Direct communication
  • Avoid using too many fonts
  • Choose between minimalism minimalist or chemical
  • Create some interactive elements in the design
  • The different methods perfected with different paper material.

Diversification category for name card:

1/Premium  Business Cards

card pro


2/Plastis Business Cards

card plastic

card plastic1

3/ Name card Kim Loại

card kim loai


4 / Name Card for a general introduction

truyen thong

5 / Name card company


card cong ty

6/Floded Business Cards

floder cadr

7/Networking Cards

alex -card

Standard Business Card Size

  • 5 x 9 cm
  • 5.5 x 9 cm
  • 4 x 8.5 cm
  • 4.5 x 8.5 cm

Business Card Printing Material

Couche Paper Matt: have ball rolling membrane, a thin layer of translucent membrane to the surface of Business Card 2, suitable for offset printing, screen printing and inkjet printing, which looks more chic Business Card, a somewhat anti-wrinkle, waterproof

Paper Bristol: Bristol Paper is paper balls usually have a little surface smooth, good ink stick just right, so nice offset

Paper art: for any advanced Business Card, Business Card “toxic” to make a difference. Due to the variety of colors, surfaces such as tendons, vertical stripes, horizontal stripes, wavy ribs, … should always bring new user experiences. Often with rough textured paper is not using offset printing, lamination not only in the color phase

Paper Duplex: There are white and smooth surface similar to Bristol, there is often a dark side as cardboard, in accordance with the Business Card to cable stiffness, because usually on paper weights 300g / m2.

Outsourcing for Business Card

  • Embossing

imagesBraille Technical Press (letterpress) on the Business Card is becoming a popular trend in design Business Card. Business Card embossed always feels refined, luxurious, creating a certain appeal when combined with unique designs.

Text stamping technique that is used to alphabetical surface floats, color printing, and then press down on the sheet of paper thick, soft.

  • Drag metallic

Drag emulsion form of paper pasted onto the picture surface, metallic text, this step requires meticulous precision.

ep nhu bacSilver metallic color such as silver aluminum foil, stainless steel or matte silver. Thereby creating an eye-catching to receive the Business Card.

The quality of a good pull emulsion: keep the color of the emulsion, gloss may be, the strength of the emulsion as much friction, the road is not smudged print, do not lose

compact, high-definition; adhesion between the metallic layer and part of the paper.

  • Lamination (shadow or dim)

This technique is considered the most common process for outsourcing of printing Business Cards. With 4 types of lamination are: matte lamination, glossy lamination, lamination and lamination positioning positioning art.can mang

  • Matt lamination: the most common type of lamination. Roofing membrane is a very thin plastic, but the staff, creating blur background Business Card helps waterproof, limiting the scratches and fading muccan bring
  •  Glossy lamination: the same is a technique with dark cover, but instead of dimming the gloss coating, which helps to Business Card look brighter, looks like new always
  •  Officer position: just as its name implies, this processing technique can be “snapped” public officials need to define the highlight, usually decorative floral motifs
  •  Arts lamination position: this is the most advanced techniques in four types of lamination, but not really popular in Vietnam, due to the requirements of high-tech machinery. However, the product’s positioning arts lamination incredibly unique, often used for these types of high-end Business Card.
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