SEO & Online Marketing

SEO & Online Marketing

lineWhat is SEO?

SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization phrase, meaning Vietnamese translation optimization search engine) is a set of methods to increase website rankings in the natural results page of search engines to increase traffic to your website, and increase the level of brand identity company in the industry.

We have 3 of the most popular search engine in the world including: Google search, Yahoo search and Bing. In Vietnam, more than 80% of people use Google as the search engine regularly. Therefore, optimizing search engines in Vietnam are understood as optimization, or SEO as Google.

seo marketingBenefits of SEO marketing

While the company has many reasons to do SEO for your website, the main objective of any company doing SEO is to increase traffic to their sites, creating more traffic to website of the other units in the same category from search engines.

  •  Increase traffic to relevant websites
  • Increase the conversion rate of the target sites (access from search engines often have a higher conversion rate access from other sources)
  • Increase brand awareness vethuong
  • How SEO helps sites improve performance
  • How SEO helps improve usability of websites


Why companies need professional SEO services?
SEO is a complex process that requires a team of knowledgeable and specialized, quick update and adapt the ranking criteria of the ever-changing search engines, especially complex ranking criteria of Google. If each company invested in building a team of their own SEO, you probably also have imagined the extent costly in terms of money and time like. Hire a company that provides professional SEO services that guarantee optimal solutions in terms of both money and resources while, at the same time ensure the stability of the service.

Why Sense Media is a company that provides SEO services for you?

Sense media is one of the very few first company specialized SEO services in Vietnam. After many years of operation Sense Media currently has a large workforce in the industry and continues to be a company specialized SEO services. Sensen media has confirmed its position as the No. 1 brand of professional SEO services in Vietnam. We continue to be a company specializing in SEO and constantly strive to improve professional services, providing optimal efficiency for customers. So you can fully trust the selected unit Sense Media offers professional SEO services for you.

lineMarketing online

marketingThe explosive growth of the Internet as at present, owning a website together with your website is always work in the hot spots, top google … is something that any business will want.

Marketing – Online. With this service, Sense Media helps clients website promotion and advertising of the products most widely.
Why do you need service Marketing – Sense of Online Media:
• Your Website inefficient operations, did not attract many visitors hang.Ban unknown brand, product or service yourself how to reach consumers effectively and fast?
• Or promote your work takes time, costs that do not bring good results as expected?
• You want your website to be more widely known since it can improve business performance?

google_logo2-300x230The benefits of using customer service Marketing – Sense of Online Media:

• Customers will sense each track and analyze campaign that made ​​sense and report specific
• Marketing – Online save advertising costs that are not advertised capacity limits. Only one tenth the normal cost, Marketing – Online can provide double the performance.
• Marketing Services – Online of sense does not depend on the size of the business, whether your business is large or small can conduct activities Marketing – Online and to discuss with clients all over the world.

Go to full service: What will be your online marketing?

- Consult the online marketing, online advertising
- SEO Strategy, dominate the market.
With a low cost but effective to give you the highest. Service pack web design, online marketing of proud to bring success for you and for your business.

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