Logo Design

Logo Design

lineLogo / brand identity

Logo design is an important aspect of business promotion.


1. The logo design – business logo brand

Logo is the hallmark elements to create their own businesses, so the logo design must meet the following criteria: originality, impressive-looking, easy to remember, easy to identify, make sense, be made ​​clear want to convey the message to the customer or the employee is working, combined with subtle colors to create the characteristic identity, corporate culture …, the potential customer your right can instantly discover how your business can serve them.


Ideally, your company logo enhances potential customers and important first impression of your business partners nghiep.Mot good logo can build loyalty between your business and your customers, set a brand identity, and provide professional look of a successful business lap.Vay why not invest a little to professional logo design is so important to your brand image?

tu gioi thieuHowever, today many units are still misunderstood and underestimated the value of logos. And the company logo design are most often designed speed “industry”, not research, learn and care little thoughtful logo design should generally not express the correct value, the size of business .

logo demo logo demo12. Designed logo – Promote brand to customers.

Recognizing the importance of logo design created to the success of a business, organization, company … We offer logo design services by a team of professional painters consultant leading logo design, years of consulting experience has been building and brand development for many large companies in the country and abroad have been trying our best to target designs to create beautiful logos, brand stature international reputation, attracting potential customers to businesses.


12 principles to be followed when designing Logo

  1. Top outline
  2. Create balance in design
  3. The issue of the size of the logo design
  4. Using color creatively
  5. Stylish design to match the company
  6. Font problem
  7. The objective is brand awareness
  8. The courage to make a difference
  9. K.I.S.S (Keep it simple & stupid)
  10. Create simple effects
  11. Development of design style “assembly line”
  12. Refer to ideas rather than copy
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