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Website Hosting

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Web hosting is where all the storage site, the information, materials, images from Internet sites on one server, web hosting is also the place where all the transactions, information exchange between sites for Internet users and Internet software support activity. Put simply, web hosting equivalent of an office building in business life.


Advantages of System Sense Media Hosting provided by:

  • The system is located in Datacenter Server
  • Bandwidth fiber access, high-speed
  • Systematic attack against DDOS Firewall, Antivirus …
  • Services are provided on the cloud platform.
  • Backup periodically

The storage capacity of the host

hosHosting Domain

With the massive traffic websites the hosting package you choose the customer services while our host to bring stability

damEnsure network uptime

Unit is active in the field of online data we hostmaserplus external service providers and hosts, activities 24H

bang thongBăng thông web

Bandwidth is the capacity of only the maximum information that your website flow through it each month. If a customer visit your website then the bandwidth consumed is 2MB / page, visitors view an average of 5 pages 10MB bandwidth they consume. So, if the bandwidth of 20GB / month, the maximum number of hits

mailMail Hosting web

Email hosting is a service that special email services free email or webmail email support free of charge.
Businesses often run the hosting service private email (also known as Email hosting) under their own domain to increase the credibility and validate the message they sent.

Capdung lacity

hostmasterplus is the Unlimited Hosting offers the first in Vietnam with high quality, stable, and reliable

tuy bienCustomization Utility

help customers use and manipulate the host easily and quickly
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